From the dark days of the 1960's (in which District 6 was declared a white area) to the year 2004 (with the first return of people to District 6) Zeenatul Islam Masjid has been a reminder of a vibrant past and a symbol for a bright future.

During those dark days, with the community uprooted from District 6, the masjid remained alive thanks to a dedicated trust board and imamat. Our Jamaat brothers kept Friday evenings busy and during this period we never missed completing the Quraan during Taraweeg prayer.

With this spirit the Trust Board has always envisaged expanding the masjid. With the publication of this brochure things are now finally on the 1lZ()t)e. People associated with the masjid will justifiably say "It's about time." On inspection of the plans it will be noted that we will be...

(i) Increasing the size of the Salaah area

( ii) Provide a totally secure floor for females with ablution and
salaah facilities

(iii) Improve the wudhu and toilet facilities

(iv) Provide a multi-purpose basement.

For our Jamaat brothers we will provide a kitchenette and dining area. There will also be classes for learners of the returning community. The extension coincides with the return to District 6 and Insallah we hope to have a vibrant community who will make it a centre of eminence. Because of its proximity to the eBD we also have a lot of dignataries from abroad who come to visit Muir Street for Salaah.

The estimated cost might seem steep. The publication of this brochure however will kick start our fundraising drive and we remain optimistic.

May the Almighty bestow His blessing on all the donors and their families and may they reap the reward in the hereafter.

Lastly I must not forget the efforts of all the members of the Trust Board, past and present, who worked tirelessly to bring this project so far. May the Almigthy bless them all.

Yours in Islam

  Dr Ebrahim Ahmed      
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