Despite the fact that the residents of District 6 had been uprooted more than 3 0 years ago and that the restitution of their land has as yet not begun, the Muir Street Masjid throughout this period of isolation has been a hub of activity and continued to serve the needs of the proximate communities. we strongly believe that in the not too distant future, with the return of the people to the city centre, there would be a greater demand and need for facilities at the masjid.

The Board of Trustees have after much discussions, investigations and deliberations, indentified and prioritized the present inadequacies and future needs of the mosque as follows:

a) Inadequacies
Considering the fact that although the building is over 60 years old and still structurally sound, the plumbing, drainage and electrical systems are antiquated and continually require repair and maintenance. These systems definately need to be replaced and upgraded. Some of the other inadequacies are as follows:

1 Insufficient wudhu facilities
2. Inadequate and unacceptable toilet facilities
3. Inadequate salaat facilities for the females and the absence of ablutions.
4. Unacceptable state of the basement due to multi-purpose use
i.e. Madressa, adult classes, use as laundry, and tabligh jamaat
activities like cooking, eating and sleeping.

b) Immediate and future needs

1. Sufficient and more congenial wudhu facilities to cater for larger congregations.
2. Sufficient and well planned toilets located away from the prayer areas.
3. Provisions of shower facilities. 
4. Provisions of proper and separate salaat facilities with ablutions for females.
5. Provisions of classrooms for madressa and other purposes like literacy classes, computer classes, 
    tuition and extra classes for school children etc.
6. Provisions for the special needs of the tabligh jamaat i.e. cooking, washing, eating and sleeping.
7. Imaam's office.
8. Caretaker's flat.
9. Janaaza facilities - a provision especially for visitors, travellers, foreign students and also people living 
    in flats or apartments or even small homes.
10. Daycare centre for working parents.

11. Advice office - be it medical, legal or social matters.
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